Saturday, December 11, 2010

On a scale of one to dumb....

Quite recently, I received a comment on my blog from one of the coolest students that I ever taught. Ferney J. sent me a comment about my posting of the "top math jobs", and in her comment she asked if math was needed for a career in criminal justice.

At that moment, several things popped into my pea-sized brain. First, I really was happy to "hear" form Ferney. I have been wondering how life in Cally had been for her. So Ferney, if you read this, please send an email address (maybe a school email address).

Next, I realized how idiotic the list of top math jobs that I posted was. An actuary was listed as one of the top jobs. Be real. I think that should have been on the list of the "most dreaded" math jobs!
There are millions of careers that require a good math knowledge, and criminal justice is one of them. In fact, the FBI has several special units for folks that have great mathematical abilities. More importantly, everyday quality of life is improved with a good math schema!

So on a scale of one to dumb, my choice to post some random Internet math job statistics was DUMB!

Ferney, thanks for continuing to teach this old dog new tricks!

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