Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coordinate Grids Using Negative Numbers

Please click on the thumbnail image to see a larger version :-}
In 5th grade coordinate grids go to four quadrants! Please see if you can locate points C and D so that you could create a square by connecting all of the coordinates.

Some hints:

Always start at the origin

Think (left or right, then up or down...plot a point)

Negative numbers on the X axis ask you to move left

Negative numbers on the Y axis ask you to move down

I reached point B by moving right 30 from the origin and then moving down to the -10 on the Y axis. I plotted a point at the intersection of the two line segment found at (30, -10).

Best of luck!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guess My Rule....If you know Geometry!

A long time ago, little Tommy was sitting in his classroom, and the teacher asked, "Tommy, can you use the word "geometry" in a sentence?". Tommy said, "Sure! One night an acorn fell asleep, and the next day it wake up and said,'Gee I'm a tree!' ".
All kidding aside, one of the simplest, and yet deepest, ways to explore your knowledge of geometry is to play a game called Guess My Rule. It's simple. You put three or four polygons that follow a certain rule inside a circle and a couple that do not follow the rule outside of the circle. Then, you have someone "Guess My Rule".
So, what do think my rule is? Please don't be cute and say "polygons with less than five sides". While, the shapes inside the circle do have less than five sides (the ones on the outside do as well), my rule is a bit more complex :-}
Oh, a hint you wish? Well, I always investigate polygons by looking at their sides and angles!
Have fun!